Easy Returns


You may cancel your agreement with 3T within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the products, by notifying 3T at store@thm.bike. Once 3T sends you an authorization to return the product, you can hand it back to the courier to return it to us. Return carriage is at your cost. To cancel the agreement and return the products, the following conditions also apply:
  • You must notify 3T of your intention to return the product within fourteen (14) days from the agreement date;
  • Products must not have subjected to use, installation, modification, or be damaged, as determined solely by 3T;
  • Product to be returned must be complete with all original packaging and include all accessories;
  • Products must be returned in one shipment only.
If the cancelation of the agreement meets these conditions, 3T shall reimburse the price paid for the products within fourteen (14) days of your return request to 3T. When the cancelation of an agreement is sought more than fourteen (14) days from the order's date, a refund will be made only under the conditions set by the THM Warranty Policy. You can see this on the "Warranty" page of the website.
3T Warranty terms are summarized as follows:
  • Repair/replacement or refund is limited to the original price of the defective product, plus its freight costs. Any alteration, addition, improvement or attachment to the product renders your warranty null and void;
  • Before return, you must contact 3T by email store@thm.bike and get the approval for the product return;
  • Returned products must be packed with all original packaging and accessories; and a copy of the original invoice attached;
  • You will be charged return shipment and any other associated costs if the product you sent back to 3T is not defective.